2nd Nepal Startup Meet

Encouraging job creators rather than job seekers

March 25, 2019, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Registration Fee: NRS. 1000
Alice Receptions, Gairidhara, Kathmandu

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat
Former Minister, Ministry of Finance
Dr. Minendra Rijal
Former Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications
Mr. Nabindra Raj Joshi
Former Minister, Ministry of Industry
Mr. Hari Bhakta Sharma
President, Confideration of Nepalese Industries (CNI)
Mr. Shekhar Golchha
Sr. Vice President, FNCCI
Mr. Bhaban Bhatta
President, NRNA
Prof. Dr. Tirth Raj Khaniya
Vice Chancellor, Tribhuvan University
Mr. Siddhant Raj Pandey
CEO, Business Oxygen

2nd Nepal Startup Meet

With the concept of bringing young minds together, Nepal Entrepreneurs Society organized its first event as Nepal Startup Meet in June 2018. Putting together the Startups, business houses, policymakers, Diplomatic Agencies along with NGOs and INGOs under the same roof, we had created a platform to share the experiences with each other providing insights to succeed in their respective venture.

2nd Nepal Startup Meet brings back the same aspect of the first Nepal Startup Meet. Gathering the startup ventures together with established business, policymakers and diplomatic agencies, we aim to build a network of successful entrepreneurs. Nepal Startup Meet is organized by Nepal Entrepreneurs Society which is a subsidiary of Ganesh Man Singh Academy.

Ganesh Man Singh always believed in the innovative ideas of youth, their energy and enthusiasm, hence always kept works for the youth as his uttermost priority. Therefore, the President of Ganesh Man Singh Academy during his period as the Minister of Industry had initiated and formed a committee with the aim of supporting the Nepalese startup and creating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nation. With the theme of “Do it and Prove it with your Effort”, Ganesh Man Singh Academy has Initiated Nepal Entrepreneurs Society. This society aims to create a platform where every Nepalese youth can explore and find a better opportunity for themselves.

Nepal Entrepreneur Society and Ganesh Man Singh Academy, as a whole encourages this opportunity to the job creators, not job seekers. Hence, to support and encourage the young Job Creators (entrepreneurs), we have started the second phase as Nepal Startup Meet.

Nepal Startup Meet aims to provide a platform for the young entrepreneurs to share the experiences of their startups, the problems they are facing and providing them with the insights of successful entrepreneurs. Nepal Startup meets will be a step towards reducing the gap between the startups and the business hubs, policymakers, Diplomatic agencies etc. It is a part of 10000 startup project initiate by the Nepal Entrepreneurs Society which aims to groom the young minds working in the sector of Entrepreneurship.

Nepal Startup Meet is also a platform for the new startups to find a chance to meet with potential investors as well as funding agencies.

Why Nepal Startup Meet?

Entrepreneurship has been a global trend for a long time. Entrepreneurs are seekers of opportunities and in developing countries, like Nepal the opportunities are innumerable. A hotbed for entrepreneurial activities, we do have an entrepreneurial ecosystem. But is it a viable ecosystem? Are there opportunities and funding agencies that support the young entrepreneurs? Is there a support system to mentor and groom these young entrepreneurs? It is a sad realization that Nepal's entrepreneurial ecosystem has not developed yet.

Our country, Nepal, doesn't lack the energetic and enthusiastic young minds. But given ample opportunities, these new generations can definitely take the helm of the nation.
However, the lack of political stability, favorable policies and corruption has demotivated the entrepreneurs to come forward. Furthermore, limited financial access and low returns also set back the innovative entrepreneurial activities.

Problems are the opportunities unexplored, with this mindset a few entrepreneurs have emerged. They are familiar with the outer world and know to groom and supporting the young entrepreneurs is the only way to make a new identity in the world. They exploit the opportunities and solve the problems of society, in turn aiding in the nation's development. With the unemployment rates rising, they also create job opportunities by establishing their own ventures.

Having said that, we have to agree that Nepal is full of opportunities which can support a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a developing country, Nepal provides a unique advantage for new ventures due to lack of competitions. In addition to this, with a network of entrepreneurs to guide and mentor young entrepreneurs, Nepal could have a viable ecosystem to sustain entrepreneurial activities.

Hence, in Nepal, the concept of entrepreneurship and startup is going to be a piece of hot cake in the coming days. But for this, startup sector, business hubs, government, the policymakers, diplomats, and everyone needs to put a step ahead and initiate from their own level.

Nepal Startup Meet is a platform for young entrepreneurs to be involved in one of the largest entrepreneurial society. It provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to share their experiences and receives guidance and mentorship. Further, Nepal Startup Meet is a platform where one can pitch his/her ideas to the potential investors as well as funding agencies, VC's, Angels etc. These startups will later be groomed under the project called 10000 startups initiated by Nepal Entrepreneurs Society, a subsidiary of Ganesh Man Singh Academy.

Program Highlights

  • Meet with Nepal's top investors and business personnel
  • Hands-on experiences with policy makers and political leaders
  • Meet with diplomats and representatives of different NGOs and INGOs
  • Become a part of Nepal Entrepreneurs Society
  • Featuring 10 successful startups of various fields
  • Insights from keynote speakers and panel discussions
  • Build your own network
  • Pitch Ideas to investors.


  • A platform to feature and support young Nepalese startup
  • Opportunities to get connected with business houses, Policymakers, Diplomatic Agencies along with NGO’s and INGO’s
  • Opportunity to find potential investors
  • Be a part of 10000 Startups
  • Opportunity to scale Startup
  • Upon the selection of startup, 2 members from each startup will be invited to pitch their venture.

Registration Process

For joining Nepal Startup Meet, please fill the application form found here. Remember to clearly fill the required details. Upon the submission of form, you will receive a mail with instruction to pay the registration fee.

After receiving the mail, the applicant needs to pay the registration fee and mail the deposit voucher or e-Sewa transaction Id to the organizers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the event take place?
The event will take place at Alice Receptions, Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Startup Meet is a 1-day event.
You need to fill the application form found here.
There registration fee is NRS. 1000.
Yes, anyone can join Nepal Startup Meet.
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