Nepal Entrepreneurs Society is the platform to connect the young entrepreneurs between the age group 16 to 30 with the personalities who can groom their startup. These personalities can be a successful business personals from Big business hub as well as Policy makers such as government officials/ experts, funding agencies ,members of foreign affairs, NGO’s and INGO’s. Hence NES will work as a connecting platform.

NES will be a platform designed for the young entrepreneurs to help them learn more about the business, find investors and funding agencies, help the business sustain and then take them to the international market as the franchise.

Being a developing country, Nepal has been facing lots of issues and unemployment is one of the major issues resulting in the growing trend of youth migrating to the developed nations in search of some good opportunities. Hence, with the goal of creating the new opportunities for the youth and promoting the concept of Entrepreneurship, NES has been initiated by the youth and will be working with the youth and for the youth. Also, as the development starts from the grassroots level, NES will involve and work from the local level involving the local youth as well as local business personals and then will grow it to the National level.

Nepal Entrepreneurs Society is established with the aim of creating a connecting platform between the young founder/co-founder of startup with the business hub, policy makers, diplomats, NGOs and INGOs. NES works to create a better entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as promotes the concept of entrepreneurship among the Nepalese youth. Working to solve the issues of unemployment, NES wants to create the job opportunities for the youth by promoting the startup culture in Nepal. NES aims to groom the young minds by conducting various Bootcamps, Hackathon, trainings, investor meet etc. where the young entrepreneurs will get mentoring as well as get an opportunity to connect with the mentors.

Working with the youth from every village, NES aims to create Nepal’s largest startup community and launch 10000 startup within 10 years.