About Nepal Startup Meet

Nepal Startup Meet is the first ever gathering of the Startups, business houses, Policy makers, Diplomatic Agencies along with NGO’s and INGO’s under a common umbrella. Nepal Startup Meet is organized by Nepal Entrepreneurs Society, a subsidiary of Ganesh Man Singh Academy.

Ganesh Man Singh always believed in the innovative ideas of youth, their energy and enthusiasm, hence always kept works for the youth as his uttermost priority. Therefore, the President of Ganesh Man Singh Academy during his period as the Minister of Industry had initiated and formed a committee with the aim of supporting the Nepalese startup and creating the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nation. With the theme of “Do it and Prove it with your Effort”, Ganesh Man Singh Academy has initiated Nepal Entrepreneurs Society. This society aims to create a platform where every Nepalese youths can explore and find a better opportunity for themselves.

Nepal Entrepreneurs Society and Ganesh Man Singh Academy as a whole encourages job creators not job seekers. Hence, to support and encourage the young Nepalese job creators (entrepreneurs), we have started the first phase as Nepal Startup Meet.

Nepal Startup Meet aims to provide a platform for the young entrepreneurs to share about their startups and the problem they are facing in the sector of startup. Nepal Startup meet will be a step towards reducing the gap between the startups and the business hubs, policy makers, Diplomatic agencies etc. It is a part of 10000 startup project initiate by the Nepal Entrepreneurs Society which aims to groom the young minds working in the sector of Entrepreneurship.

In Nepal Startup meet, an entrepreneur who has just initiated a startup can share his startup as well as get a chance to find a potential investors as well as funding agencies.

Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Entrepreneurship is the new trend in this comprehensively developing world and Nepal has not remained untouched with this idea. But do we have the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal that supports and grooms the young entrepreneurs? Are there opportunities as well as funding agencies for the young entrepreneurs?

Although Nepal is a developing country, the energetic, enthusiastic young future leaders are all set to march towards forming a developed nation. These future leaders are familiar with the outer world and know as well as believe that the only way to develop and make Nepal renowned is by grooming and supporting the young entrepreneurs.

All the Nepalese need to believe and understand the fact that Nepal is the fertile land full of opportunities. As Nepal is a developing nation, every new initiation will get the first mover advantage and there will be less competition too. Further, every startup is initiated with the aim of solving some issue of the community; hence, it will be again beneficial to the country. Also, as Nepal is facing lots of unemployment issues, every entrepreneur can get very potential and skilled people to work for them and this will surely be beneficial to the entrepreneur as well as the nation, which is a win-win situation.

Hence, in Nepal the concept of entrepreneurship and startup is going to be a piece of hot cake in the coming days. But for this, startup sector, business hubs, government, policy makes, diplomats and everyone needs to put a step ahead and initiate from their own level.